I wrote a Delphi interface for cryptlib. So it is possible to call all the famous cryptlib functions from a program written in Delphi® from Borland/Embarcadero.

If you like a more objectoriented interface to cryptlib, then you may need additionally DelphiCryptlib and the DelphiCryptlib Helpfile.

This version of cryptlib.pas is now compatible with Delphi 10 and compiles with Delphi 2009 as well.

The interface file, cryptlib.pas, is a one-to-one translation of the C interface file cryptlib.h. So all the documentation given in the cryptlib manual remains valid if you use Pascal (Delphi) instead of C.

Starting with cryptlib v3.1 final, the archive released by Peter Gutman contains the actual version of cryptlib.pas.

Cryptlib V3.4.3 source
by Peter Gutman
Date of Cryptlib.h cryptlib.pas
(5703 KB)
January 31, 2016

Please use the latest release 3.4.3 only !